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Business Womenswear: LA to NY

Business Womenswear LA to NY

No longer is the corporate businesswoman confined to pant suits and kitten heels. Fortunately for us, and the fashion industry, the modern day business woman is fashion-conscious and ever so stylish, especially in major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Business Fashion

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The Los Angeles businesswoman is effortlessly charming and feminine. She loves print and floral and it’s sunny year-round so flare skirts and kimono dresses are a must. Give her the right heeled sandal and she can do it all.

New York Business Fashion

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The New York businesswoman loves high-waisted pencil skirts and bold trendy essentials to go with her every day wear. She is confident and sassy and dresses with purpose. She’s everything but laid-back and she’s got the wardrobe to prove it.

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