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Fitness Friday: Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Inferno

Jillian michaels

When it comes to yoga, we typically don’t expect our instructor to be a drill sergeant. (“Drop down and give me 20 vinyasa flow sequences!” just doesn’t have the same effect.) So honestly, we weren’t sure what to expect as we popped in notorious badass trainer, Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Inferno DVD for a quick home workout.

Yoga Inferno is the perfect home workout! Using only a single set of optional light weights, Jillian takes you through two 30-minute yoga-conditioning workouts that will have you sweating and toning in no time. If you’re a hardcore yogi, be warned: you’ll be taking a slight step away from traditional yoga flow. But the incorporation of intense resistance moves makes for a seriously fat-burning workout that you’ll love!

By the end of the workout you will fell both relaxed and strangely energized thanks to intervals of cardio, strength training, and static poses. Not to mention Jillian talks you through every move giving you motivation and encouragement as your own personal trainer. If you’re not too scared to get fired up with Michaels, try out Yoga Inferno, available here!

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