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How to Wear: Sheer

How to Wear Sheer

How can you bring sheer off the runway and onto the streets? Our styling tips help you incorporate this overly transparent trend into your wardrobe—without looking like a walking lingerie ad.

How to Wear Sheer1


If you’re new to the trend, start simply with an all-black sheer. Then score bonus style points by layering it over a bright neon cami in place of play-it-safe nude or black. Complete the look with skinny black denim and a leather moto jacket.  $19.00






How to Wear Sheer3


A floaty skirt is a whimsical way to show off sheer but can be tricky to style without looking like you’re wearing a nightgown. Adding a jacket into the mix instantly transforms the look from sweet baby doll to fashionable trendsetter. Show off your edgy side with lace-up stacked booties and a spikey armband. $20.00





How to Wear Sheer2


Patterned sheer tops like this one keep things interesting and let you test-drive the trend while deterring Peeping Toms. Pair it with a chic black blazer and boyfriend jeans for a relaxed yet polished look. $22.00





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