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It’s official. Rapper Wyclef Jean (of the Fugees) has announced that he will make his bid for President of Haiti on Thursday, August 5, 2010. If Wyclef succeeds he will be the first Rapper to govern a sovereign country. This is epic. No really. He has the youth backing we know, and even some financial and political support. What do you think? Could a Hip Hop star preside over a country? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

  • Gamaliel E. Frederick

    Wyclef Jean does not have the education to run a country. Haiti requires that the president at least have a Bachelors degree. If somebody didn’t even have the common sense to stay in school, how do you trust them to run a country? More importantly, Haiti is at an impasse where it needs to utilize all its talents, I will concede that Weclef is definitely one of Haiti’s great talents, but artistic and politico administrative talents are not the same.
    Not to mention Wyclef’s shady financial dealings with his own non-profit. Can we really trust him or is he after to billions promised to Haiti?
    If I were the head of the World Bank, how much credibility would I give to my counterpart at the negotiating table when I know that he is a rapper with a low level education?
    Haiti, the country run by the hip hop rappers take pride in being pimps, throughout its history my beloved country has been like a destitute woman pimped by unscrupulous people. I scorn the people who have obviously pledged there support to Wyclef, knowing that he can only be a dumb puppet with no understanding of sophisticated world politics and diplomacy that they can put on TV to smile a read sound bites for the media play back to us, while they fill their pockets with the money goodhearted people I have offered to donate to help us build a better life. This is a sad day to be a Haitian.

  • Didier

    Dear Madams / Sirs:

    I just want to bring my small contribution about Wyclef’s intention to preside over the destinies of Haiti. First of all, he doesn’t have the education and strong leadership experiences necessary to be qualified to become the commander in chief of this beautiful country.

    Being a Rapper has nothing to do with being President. He doesn’t have a political career but a musician just having a nice voice and singing. He become popular and now he thinks he can become President. An undeveloped country doesn’t deserve to have him as President. Wyclef is a big joker, I like him as musician and I think many young people who are aware of the seriousness of presidential position and need of the country will never ever vote for him. He would better continue in his area (music).

    Some people they try to cheat, because he is popular now he think he can became whatever he wants even president. The world international player Geaorge Weah of Liberia had had the same crazy idea but he regrets it because ambitious people didn’t vote for him.

    If really he has money, he can help his country in another way like investing and opening businesses to help young people to work and earn their life. This will be wiser than pretending something above his capacities and competencies.

    Thanks and have a nice day.