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Hey, good lookin’! Roses are red, violets are blue, Happy Valentine’s Day to you! As a fellow fashionista, I assume that you have MANY favorites. Deciding which ones to wear for a special occasion can be tricky. You want to look and feel fabulous whether you’re celebrating this romantic holiday with Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now or your trusty girlfriends. If you’re single, then this is your time to show every man what he’s missing. And if you’re taken, then you definitely want to bring your man to his knees with your sexy style! But don’t freak out; we know that picking out the perfect outfit for such an event is practically impossible. So we’ve come to your rescue with a few ensemble inspirations. Consider us your Knight In Stylish Armor.



The most common date is dinner and a movie. Encourage your main squeeze to step it up a notch by trading the big screen for the small stage. Go see a show at your local playhouse or theater. It’s the perfect opportunity to get dressed up, try something different and truly be in the moment. Since the activity is moderately original, it’s perfectly acceptable to keep your look traditional.

If you and your guy like to dine and dance, then kick up your look with an asymmetrical dress in a vibrant shade.

Or perhaps you’re planning to ditch the dudes and use the day of love as an excuse for a much-needed GNO. Hit the club with all the single ladies in black shorts and a sheer top.

Regardless of what you do or who you’re with, we hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!



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