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It’s officially time to revisit glittery eye makeup. Rendered in burnished metallic shades that are far from juvenile and paired with luminous skin, slicked-back hair and red lipstick the look is beyond glamorous (not to mention a great way to jazz up a basic low bun). Today we demonstrate how to recreate the magic from start to finish.

  1. Dust Lids With Shadow
    1. Use your eye shadow brush to lightly sweep a shimmery metallic shadow allover lids, from the lashline up to the brows.
  2. Add Loose Pigment
    1. Intensify the color and add dramatic dimension by layering a loose pigment in a similar hue on top of lids using your finger.
  3. Repeat On Other Side
  4. Blend With A Brush
    1. Go over the shadow and pigment with your eye shadow brush, blending the color and distributing it all over the lids.
  5. Fake Eyeliner
    1. Bring the shadow brush across bottom lids along the lash line to add a light shimmer in place of harsh eyeliner.
  6. Add Gloss To Lids
    1. To set the look, dab eye gloss or petroleum jelly lightly across lids for a cool sheen and a glam feel.
  7. Apply Mascara
    1. Lengthen, darken and separate lashes with a black, waterproof mascara on top and botttom lids.
  8. Add A Contour
    1. If needed, add a little bit of contour to lids using a dab of black or charcoal shadow in the outer corners of the eyes. Blend until subtly smoky using fingers.

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