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Believe it or not, there is a downside to cool new wardrobe gains: overcrowded closet syndrome. Nip the issue in the bud this fall.

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 Go through your closet and pull any items that you are ‘whatever’ about (i.e not in love with, but not sure if you are ready to part with). Then, take those pieces and stow them away for anywhere from a month to a season. When the mood strikes, revisit the box; hang on to any pieces that bring on renewed sense of excitement, but find a new home for anything you are still not loving.

To combat messy floors keep all empty hangers in one place. Keep them in the front of your closet, then when you pull something and decide not to wear it, you’ll know where to find a new hanger; this makes an immediate re-hang almost as easy as throwing your clothes on the floor.


If space allows, reserve some easily accessible space for your favorite pieces of the moment. I find having my go-to pieces in one place eases the getting-ready process. Since I don’t have the space for this within my own closet, I invested in a rolling rack and now keep all my selections for the moment there.


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