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baby shower

Ever notice how babies seem to grow and change in the blink of an eye? The whole concept of baby showers is changing just as quickly. Anticipating a new baby’s arrival is always a fun reason to celebrate, so here’s the scoop on what to wear to a baby shower.

Traditionally, a baby shower was a women’s only event, typically held during the day and often including a luncheon either in the hostess’ home or in a restaurant or event venue. But today, men are much more hands-on about parenting. The guys want to be in on the fun, too, so many showers today are co-ed events held in the evenings.

For most baby showers, you can wear what you’d typically wear out to brunch with your friends, such as a dress, sundress or dressy top with nice jeans. If it’s an evening co-ed event, you might want to take it up a notch. Try pairing a frilly top with a skirt and heels, or with boyfriend jeans and sandals.

A relatively new event is the gender reveal party. This might be held instead of a baby shower. But it’s often an extra celebration in addition to a shower, so gifts typically are not expected. The ultrasound sonographer has given the prospective parents a sealed envelope containing the gender of their new baby, and that envelope has been passed to the host of the gender reveal party. The new baby’s gender is announced at the party in some creative fashion, such as cupcakes with blue or pink centers or a box that opens to release blue or pink balloons.

baby shower

The attire for a gender reveal party is similar to a traditional baby shower. But if you really want to get into the spirit of things, come dressed in pinks or blues.

Also new on the horizon is the baby sprinkle, and no, that’s not what babies do in their diapers. A baby sprinkle takes to heart the philosophy that every birth should be celebrated, not just a couple’s first baby. So it’s a smaller celebration, a sprinkle instead of a shower, for the newest family member. The purpose of a shower is to help new parents acquire the clothing and gear that a baby needs. Presumably, the parents will still have all of those items when a second or third baby arrives, so smaller gifts or consumable essentials like diapers or wipes are appropriate. Or, if the new baby is a different gender than the first baby, clothing is a great gift idea. Involving older siblings in planning the sprinkle helps make them feel part of the whole baby welcoming committee.

Some baby sprinkles are totally casual, while some are dressier. You can take your dress cues from the party invitation. Keep it light, easy and on-theme by selecting something in the colors of the invitation.

For any baby celebration, you know the new mom’s going to want to be comfortable. So you, too, should go for the perfect sweet spot of comfort and style as you welcome a precious new baby into the world.

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