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CNN follows the Presidential hopeful to the streets of Haiti as he talks about politics and his plans if elected President.

  • Maddevilme

    Wyclef emerges in a sociaty where, there’s a lack of real leaders.I grew up in that country,I went to school there,all those years,haitian citizens were been killed,dying of hunger, fight for real education.
    The most important know,is to restart,because since January 12th,Haiti is in the depth of the hell. I don’t know who’s gonna pull it out of it,but Im sure it’s not me,because Im not ready yet to take this responsabilty yet,but my hands and heart are there to support anyone who has the profile and faith to do so.
    Enough,it’s enough,I saw and lived too much,my cocitizens,my family and friends cannot take it anymore,some may forget we’re human and have feelings.
    I wish if it’s God’s Will to put Wyclef on power,he will not disapoint my brothers our brothers..
    Kind regards